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Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is the next frontier in real estate. It's an exciting way to help your clients visualize their spaces as they could be, without all of the hassle and cost of actually staging them.


Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a tool that real estate agents can use to visualize the space they're trying to sell. It's like an online catalog of what a room could look like furnished, and it helps buyers envision their life in the property they're considering buying.


Virtual staging is the art of creating a photo-realistic virtual representation of a space. Instead of spending time and money on real staging, you can create a virtual staging environment that lets buyers see what your house could look like furnished.

Fast & Cost Effecitve

And if you're a real estate agent, that means you have to spend time and money on staging—and then spend more time and money getting rid of all those props when the sale closes.

Virtual Staging
One staged image


per image
Up to 30 minutes on-site
Professional video editing
Walkthrough of property interior
Perfect for social media
Lifetime hosting included
24 Hour Turnaround Guarantee
Virtual Staging Bulk Price
For orders of 5 images or more 


per image
Up to 1 hour on-site.
Professional video editing
Includes interior, exterior, and aerial
Great alternative for virtual tours
6 months of hosting included
24 Hour Turnaround Guarantee


Interested in our Virtual Staging service?

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