• Dylan Izzo

Complete Guide to Preparing For a Real Estate Photoshoot

How to prepare a house for a real estate photoshoot in 2022.

Preparing your home for a real estate photoshoot may seem like a chore but it is a crucial part of the listing process. It is important to remember that the pictures taken on the day of your photoshoot will be seen by hundreds or thousands of potential buyers online. Ensuring that your home looks it's best will not only help the photographer take amazing pictures but will more importantly attract more buyers to the property.

Below you will find a complete checklist for preparing a home for a real estate photoshoot inside and out. Each section will break down the steps you need to take so each part of your home looks it's best on photo day.

Key Takeaways

  • At a minimum, your home must look clean and organized.

  • Declutter countertops and tables of all non-decorative items.

  • Remove all personal items, photographs and religious items.

  • Ensure all light fixtures turn on and have a working bulb.


  • Park vehicles away from the front of the house or in the garage.

  • Freshen up landscaping (cut lawn, remove dead plants, add fresh mulch, etc.)

  • Sweep outdoor spaces and walkways.

  • Remove any landscaping/pool equipment, toys, debris, and pet waste.

  • Store any seasonal décor, flags, and yard signs

  • Clean windows and glass door

  • Clean siding and remove any foliage from roof and gutters.

  • Straighten outdoor furniture and uncover grill.

  • Clean pool and turn on any water features


  • Turn on all lights and ensure all bulbs are working.

  • Use all the same temperature bulbs if possible.

  • Open blinds and curtains, natural light is always best.

  • Turn off all television screens and monitors


  • Clear countertops and remove all clutter.

  • Clean windows and mirrors

  • Vacuum carpets and clean floors

  • Keep garbage cans out of sight

  • Hide any cables, remotes, and chargers

  • Straighten furniture

  • Turn off fans

  • Store any toys, games or pet items

  • Remove small floor rugs to show the actual floor

  • Remove excess furnishings, seasonal décor, and knick-knacks


  • Keep pets out of the way during shoot

  • Store any evidence of pets (food, bowls, etc.)


  • Remove dirty dishes, food, etc.

  • Clean countertops and appliances and clear any personal items on refrigerator.

  • Remove small appliances from counter (toasters, blenders, etc.)

  • Hide soaps, towels, cleaning items, dish racks, etc.

  • Organize open shelves

Living Room

  • Organize shelves and minimize knick-knacks

  • Set tables with simple place settings

  • Remove personal items and photographs

  • Clean fireplace

  • Hide all remotes, chargers and accessories

  • Tidy couch and pillow


  • Make all beds and remove clutter underneath if visible

  • Store clothing and shoes, tidy closets

  • Declutter bedside tables


  • Close toilet lids and store toilet items (plungers, brushes, etc.)

  • Clear countertops completely (No soap, medication, toothbrushes, etc.)

  • Remove bath and shower items. Shower curtains will be open in pictures.

  • Place fresh towels


In general, ensure that your home looks it's best on picture taking day. By properly preparing your home not only will your real estate photoshoot be a breeze but you will have knocked of a huge check of the home selling checklist.

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